Financial Services


India needs more roads, railways, power, housing and water if growth is to continue at 7%+ per year. Migration into cities, and the increasing population density that migration brings, make infrastructure improvements even more urgent.

Domestic Consumption

We are investing in domestic services that are disrupting the future of domestic consumption. Startups which address the rural, semi-urban and urban while exploring Internet-based channels for traditionally offline businesses.


Investing in automotive technologies that are transforming the future of smart transportation. Connecting vehicles intelligently to people, places and things and enabling safe autonomous travel.


Enabling new connected care models by securely sharing vital patient data and unlocking insights throughout the hospital, home and all points in between.

Information & Technology

Artificial Intelligence

We’re seeking out startups who are developing new AI applications, advanced machine learning technologies and AI/ML platforms across different verticals. Through our dedicated AI Fund, we are investing in those that share Qualcomm’s vision of making on-device AI ubiquitous.

Internet of Things

Imagine a world where things such as mobile devices, utility meters, appliances and sensors could discover, connect and interact, and then intelligently and intuitively respond to your needs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the technology world and creating opportunity for hundreds of new companies


Cybersecurity continues to be the area of technology for which organization intend to increase spend the most,” he said. And there is an “opportunity for disruption enabled by the fragmentation of the cybersecurity market and customer propensity to change vendors

5G Communications

Investing in startups across the entire 5G ecosystem, including silicon, devices, foundational networking technologies, 5G applications and end-to-end connectivity services for enterprises and end consumers.